The Rogue Griffons are Recruiting!!! Adult demeanor, Tier III or higher

Military time...

(24 hour clock)

What we are:

The Rogue Griffons are a like minded set of folks who are enjoying the stimulating and exciting games of World of tanks and War Thunder. We enjoy each others company and wish everyone the same. We are made up of a multitude of personalities , ages, and locations. Everyone is an important member of our clan. Without them there would be no clan. Mutual respect and understanding are trademarks of the ROGUE GRIFFONS!

Membership Requirements

We're not picky. Anyone can join us. There are a few things we will not tolerate. We are here to enjoy ourselves and hope that everyone else is too. We ask that respect to everyone, no matter position or rank is strictly given. Everyone is a valuable necesity! When in battle another thing we will not tolerate for any reason is "Team Killing". It destroys the unity of the team, reduces our presence in the global scene, and just looks bad.


The Rogue Griffons utilize Raidcall while battling in the virtual world. You may ask, why? Main reason - it is easier to use and assign the "push to talk" key than in game. Also, it requires very little bandwidth and doesn't interfere with the game as the in game chat does. All around it is a better choice. If there is a requirement in the Rogue griffons - this is it. You'll need a microphone that works, a microphone/headset combination can be purchased really inexpensively that will fit the bill - most are in the $10-15 range, however there are some that you can spend the big bucks for - that I don't necessarily reccomend unless its THAT is important to you.

Joining Us

Should you like what you see and wish to join us by all means make an application. You can find it through the WorldofTanks website, after logging in, > Community > Clans > search clans > Rogue Griffons or -RG--, and select apply. or use this link...

Apply to the Rogue Griffons!

These Links

We use these links to access the items we use on a regular basis. Should you think of something I should add - PLEASE let me know

To Accept an Invitation


  1. Click on "Get Gold" in upper right corner.
  2. That opens a webpage - Login with email and password
  3. Click the mail icon in upper right
  4. Click the link for the outstanding invitation
  5. Click "Accept"

Out of Game

  1. Login into World of Tanks Webpage
  2. Click the "my Profile" Link
  3. Click the invitations link (should be 1/1 next to it)
  4. Click "Accept"